Building sustainable healthcare and reducing health inequalities.

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Why do we need a more sustainable healthcare system?

The current healthcare system is not equal and it is overburdened with too many sick people.

Healthcare systems worldwide are struggling, facing an ever-growing number of patients with chronic diseases such as type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease. These conditions are not only global in scale but also place an immense financial burden on our societies. The paradox is that many chronic diseases are preventable, yet we lack the tools to implement large-scale prevention. This disparity results in unequal access to preventative care, leaving many people vulnerable to conditions that could have been prevented.

Sustainable healthcare is about achieving equality.

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Access to preventative healthcare is a human right.

Sustainable healthcare isn't about enhancing the health of the wealthiest 1%, but rather about fostering better health for entire populations. By being able to provide equal access to comprehensive preventative health services we could reduce the burden of the biggest problem in healthcare today, the chronic diseases. This paves the way for better personal health and healthier societies.

Sustainable healthcare is about having fewer sick people.

Primary care system needs better tools for prevention.

The main task of the primary care system is to promote health and prevent diseases. Even though the primary care system does that all the time, the tools that it currently uses for prevention are inefficient and resource-intensive. Because the primary care system lacks tools for efficient large-scale prevention, the preventative measures taken today don’t have the impact they could. This leads to an increasing number of sick people that are burdening the healthcare system. To change this, primary care needs better tools for prevention.

A more sustainable healthcare system can be implemented today.

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Our mission is to help to build sustainable healthcare and to reduce health inequalities. To achieve this, we have developed a groundbreaking health check that replaces current routine tests with a solution that makes impactful prevention of chronic diseases a reality. 

It’s time to start building a better health system for everyone.

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