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Health check made easy. Familiar, yet transformative.

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Only a single blood sample needed.

Nightingale’s Health Check detects the risks associated with various common chronic diseases from a single blood sample, requiring only age and sex as clinical parameters. This represents a significant simplification compared to current risk assessments, which typically address one disease risk at a time and require numerous independent data points, including e.g. individual blood values, clinical examinations, or patient questionnaires. Nightingale’s Health Check presents the health industry with a transformative opportunity to replace current routine risk tests with a solution that makes impactful prevention of chronic diseases a reality.

Health Check results come as one report.

Superior multi-disease risk detection. Unrivaled performance.

Simplified and improved chronic disease risk detection.

Currently, health systems globally routinely assess the risk of chronic diseases using specific tests like FINDRISC for type 2 diabetes and SCORE2 for cardiovascular diseases. Nightingale’s Health Check revolutionizes this process by simultaneously detecting the risk for eight chronic diseases, such as cardiovascular diseases, type 2 diabetes, kidney disease, liver diseases, and lung diseases, from a single blood sample. It achieves equal or superior risk detection performance to each disease compared to the current routine tools.

A transformative step towards preventative health.

More value than current routine risk tests.

Building prevention with Nightingale’s Health Check consists of the following steps:


1. Identify risks

Replace routine single-disease risk tests with Nightingale’s multi-disease risk detection.

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2. Target interventions

Use the results to target clinical guideline interventions to the high risk individuals.

Measuring impact

3. Measure outcomes

Track the impact of the interventions and validate progress towards lowering risk levels by periodically repeating Nightingale’s risk assessment.

This 1-2-3 process creates a preventative health system that leads to better health outcomes.

Also individual blood values. For diagnostic use.

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Replacement for routine lab tests.

Beyond offering better risk detection than the current risk tests, Nightingale’s Health Check also provides 39 diagnostic-grade blood values such as cholesterols and  creatinine. These routine blood values are the same as the ones used today to diagnose diseases and recommend interventions following current medical guidelines. As a 2-in-1 solution, Nightingale’s Health Check replaces not only the current risk assessment tools but also many of the routine lab tests.

Population level screening. Unmatched price point.

Towards lower disease risks for entire populations.

Revolutionizing healthcare isn't about enhancing the health of the wealthiest 1%, but rather about fostering better health for entire populations. This requires robust, scalable and cost-efficient technologies that can be widely adopted. Nightingale’s Health Check matches the price point of one current single-disease risk test but delivers risk assessments for eight diseases with equal or superior performance. Many of the existing tests can be replaced by Nightingale’s Health Check without a significant cost impact, making the realization of better health systems possible worldwide.

Our technology. Your brand & processes. Simple to implement.

Health check workflow

Nightingale's Health Check can be easily integrated in existing clinical workflows without disrupting them:

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1. Routine clinical blood sample

Standard venous blood sample from the current routine clinical workflow.

Ship the samples cold

2. Nightingale laboratory analysis

Sample sent to Nightingale's laboratory for analysis.

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3. Results delivery

Results delivered in e.g. HL7 format to customer's laboratory information management system (LIMS).

Nightingale's Health Check results include:

Individual blood values that can replace many current routine clinical measurements

Disease risk scores that can be used as part of existing health screenings or as new clinical applications

This operational model allows customers to benefit from an innovative technology while maintaining the integrity of current healthcare practices. Nightingale's approach offers customers with opportunities for improved medical outcomes without compromising established processes.

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