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The most advanced remote health check for the health industry.

Health check done remotely. Risk detection like never before.

NGH Livit Kit

Chronic disease risk detection from a self-collected blood sample.

While many home tests can be used to measure specific blood markers, they don’t answer the fundamental question: how do these blood measurements correlate with actual disease risks? Nightingale’s Remote Health Check provides an industry-leading panel of blood markers and, most importantly, can detect the risks associated with developing the most common chronic diseases. This unprecedented 2-in-1 solution makes home-testing more meaningful than ever before. It brings numerous opportunities for organizations in the health industry that are looking to better understand and track their customers' health and help them to prevent diseases.

Multi-disease risk detection. Just one self-collected blood sample needed.

Remote blood testing taken to a new level.

Nightingale's Remote Health Check redefines the capabilities of at-home blood testing by simultaneously assessing the risk for eight chronic diseases, including cardiovascular diseases, type 2 diabetes, kidney disease, liver diseases, and lung diseases – all from just one self-collected blood sample. Nightingale’s Remote Health Check achieves comparable or superior risk detection performance compared to the current risk assessment tools routinely used in healthcare and outperforms them in simplicity and cost-efficiency.

The only fully integrated solution. High quality guaranteed.

Exceptional quality compared to competing self-collection solutions.

Nightingale’s Remote Health Check stands out as the sole fully integrated solution in the market, encompassing a proprietary blood collection device, advanced blood analysis technology, and comprehensive disease risk analysis from a single company. Because of this we can guarantee the highest quality in the market and the best commercial terms.

Outstanding sample preservation. Superior success rate.

3 week sample preservation.

95% success rate.

Nightingale’s Remote Health Check offers unparalleled benefits, including a market-leading sample preservation time of 3 weeks, clinical-grade multi-disease risk detection capability, and the most extensive blood marker panel available. This combination sets it far ahead of any competing solutions. Furthermore, in real-world consumer usage, Nightingale’s solution has an impressive success rate of over 95%.

Our technology. Your brand & processes.

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Powerful technology, yet simple to implement.

Nightingale’s Remote Health Check process is seamlessly integrated with the customer's branding and processes.

Ship the samples black

1. Material delivery to partner

Nightingale sends blood collection devices in batches to the partner.

Ship the multiple samples

2. Customization and end-customer deliveries

The partner can either pack the blood collection devices in their own branded kits or use Nightingale Kits. The partner then sends the kits to their end-customers.

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3. Sample collection and lab analysis

The end-customer uses the kit to collect a sample and sends it directly to Nightingale's laboratory for analysis.

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4. Returning data to partner

After analyzing the sample, Nightingale shares the result data with the partner, who can then present the results to the end-customer in any preferred format.

This operational approach enables Nightingale's partners to incorporate the technology into their existing business models and integrate it with other data sources. It's a straightforward yet powerful method to leverage Nightingale's technology in various health and wellness applications.

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