Nightingale Health Japan

Through its innovative My Nightingale service Nightingale Health Japan offers tools to prevent diseases that impact our quality of life and healthy years.

Nightingale Health’s service is being provided to hospitals and clinics across Japan, with the vision to bring the service accessible for everyone.

We seek to make a long-term impact on the Japanese preventative healthcare system and help people to pursue lifelong health.

My Nightingale service in Japan

My Nightingale reveals your current health status and predicts your risk of getting sick in the future. We show health metrics not measured in standard blood tests and health check-ups as well as reveal unique insights into your well-being.

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How My Nightingale works


One blood sample and one Health Score

From one small blood sample you receive an easy-to-understand Blood Health Score, given on a 100-point scale.


Comprehensive results in paper and digital format

In addition, you can dive deeper into five health indicators in the most relevant health areas and see your risk of getting a lifestyle disease in the future. Results are delivered in two different formats – in a high-quality paper-based Feedback Report as well as in an intuitive My Nightingale mobile application.


Lifestyle advise to improve results

To help you maintain and improve your health and well-being, we give advice and recommendations on how to improve your lifestyle through small and easy-to-implement lifestyle changes.


Follow-up tests to make changes visible

With our service, you can also see the impact of these changes when taking a follow-up test and keep motivated to maintain a healthier lifestyle.

Nightingale Health Japan

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