Our new partnerships help us reach large target groups – and make lifelong health available to everyone.

Nightingale Health’s goal is to make lifelong health available to everyone. As part of our mission, we have strived to purposefully expand our distribution channels and partnerships to allow Livit by Nightingale Health to reach even more people.

Livit added to the offering of leading Nordic well-being chain Life

The health and well-being chain Life operates an online store and approximately 60 stores in Finland. The company’s Life Club loyalty program, which focuses on well-being, has about 800,000 members. Livit is available in the online store as well as in selected stores across the country. Livit in Life’s online store

Preventative health at your fingertips also in Epassi Marketplace

The Finnish Epassi is the most popular mobile payment method for employee benefits in the Nordics. Epassi Marketplace is an online store specialized in employee benefits, where you can buy services from different service providers with the Epassi sport, culture and well-being benefits. The offering now includes Livit, for which you can pay with your Epassi Well-being balance. Livit in Epassi Marketplace

Livit for Employers encourages to lead the well-being of employees with knowledge instead of gut feeling

Our new service offering for companies enables leading well-being at work with knowledge. An employer-subscriber of Livit gets access to anonymous summaries of the health and well-being of their employees on a team and organization level. This allows employers to intervene well in advance to problem areas and detect risks before they start to affect the company’s costs. Learn more about Livit for Employers

Livit can act as a new, forward-looking metric to complement the service offering of wellness professionals

Livit helps Personal Trainers and other well-being professionals deepen their customer relationships and take coaching to the next level. It objectively shows the effects of lifestyle changes and motivates change in a credible way. As our partners, trainers can offer Livit testing to their customers at a special price and receive a commission for each sale made with their personal partner code. Learn more about Livit for Wellness Professionals