Company Release, 13 October 2021 at 7.50 a.m. (EEST)

Nightingale Health Plc (”Nightingale”) and Terveystalo launch a new well-being membership, which combines the results of Nightingale’s blood analysis and the well-being programs prepared by Terveystalo. Nightingale and Terveystalo announced their strategic partnership in April 2021, and the first step of this collaboration is the new subscription service launched today.

Terveystalo + Nightingale Well-being Membership includes regular blood sample measurements and digital weekly programs that encourage healthy lifestyle choices. The user of the service receives an individual health index and health measurements describing different health areas, such as heart age, fatty acid balance, inflammation and cholesterol balance. The price of the Well-being Membership is approximately EUR 120 for 12 months and the launch offer includes 2 + 1 Nightingale measurements in Terveystalo’s laboratory and the digital service, including its well-being contents, provided through the Terveystalo application. Nightingale measurements are in the first phase available in Southern Finland and the availability of the service will be expanded to Western Finland, Central Finland and Northern Finland later during the autumn.

Teemu Suna, Nightingale’s CEO and co-founder:

Our mission is to bring disease prevention and a healthier life to everyone. The service launched in collaboration with Terveystalo is a very concrete achievement towards our goal and it proves the applicability of our technology for broad use by a significant European health care provider.”

Petri Bono, Terveystalo’s Chief Medical Officer:

Measuring one’s own health and well-being, and using this information to support well-being, is a megatrend that is visible in the health sector now and in the years to come. People actively promote their own health and disease prevention, which is why they also need more personalized health and well-being services. The health index formed on the basis of the Nightingale measurement is a concrete, easy and habit-forming indicator for this purpose. The measurement scans the state of overall health and shows what changes are worth making to feel better. These changes can then be implemented with the digital coaching contents created by our dieticians, psychologists, physicians and other professionals specialized in lifestyle issues.”

For further information, please contact:

Teemu Suna, CEO

Certified advisor:
Oaklins Merasco Ltd, tel. 09 6129 670

About Nightingale

Nightingale Health is a health technology company transforming preventive care. We envisage a world that focuses on keeping people healthy rather than just treating illnesses. The wide-ranging disease risk predictions provided by Nightingale consist of two interconnected factors: The extensive blood analysis technology developed by Nightingale and a large amount of data on health events. Nightingale helps people make better personal health decisions and connects the health industry to offer their services for individuals’ preventative needs. By empowering the world with comprehensive health insights, we accelerate scientific discoveries, industry developments and improve personal health for everyone.

About Terveystalo

Terveystalo is Finland's largest health service company in terms of revenue and network, with the aim of empowering lifelong health and well-being and building a healthier society. The company provides comprehensive well-being, primary care and specialist care services to corporate and private customers, as well as the public sector. Terveystalo's digital appointment services are available 24/7, regardless of time and place. In addition, the company offers health and well-being services in more than 300 locations throughout Finland.

In 2020, Terveystalo had 1.2 million individual customers. Some 6.9 million customer visits were made, of which more than a quarter took place in remote channels. Terveystalo employs more than 13,000 health and well-being professionals.

Additional information of the new Well-being Membership: