Press release
17 December 2021 at 9:00 a.m. (EET)

Nightingale has expanded its Japan laboratory by doubling the analysis capacity. The expansion work was completed in mid-December 2021.

The decision to expand the laboratory located in Tokyo was done following the recent development in Nightingale’s Japan market entry, including the extensive collaboration with Biobank Japan to realise personalised medicine and prevention in Japan and initial commercial advancements, which are expected to bring an increasing number of blood samples to be analysed in the laboratory.

Teemu Suna, CEO and Co-founder of Nightingale:

“We see the development in Japan very positive and are further developing our laboratory to meet the long-term future market needs, in terms of blood sample volumes and turnaround times. Thanks to our team’s strong experience in setting up Nightingale’s proprietary laboratory platforms globally, the process from decision to production readiness was very fast and effective. This gives us good confidence also when planning similar investments in other markets.”

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Teemu Suna, CEO

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