Press release, 31 March 2022 at 9:00 (EEST)

Nightingale Health Plc (“Nightingale Health”) has today launched a consumer service Livit by Nightingale Health.The service utilizes Nightingale Health’s at-home testing solution, allowing consumers to use the service without having to visit a laboratory. The new service includes a mobile app called Livit by Nightingale Health which is available today for download on App Store and Google Play Store. With the launch of the Livit by Nightingale Health mobile app, Nightingale Health has achieved one of its business targets set for the on-going financial year.

Nightingale Health has built an end-to-end solution for the Livit service and combines several strategic milestones the company has announced over the past 12 months. These milestones include the home-kit pilot program (validation and user testing of the self-collection device), the development partnership with Reaktor (scalability of resources), the strategic investment to Weavr Health (competitive pricing, and availability of the self-collection device), the acquisition of Yolife GmbH (digital wellbeing concept development), the discovery of new health areas (mind health and immunity) and the commercial partnership with Yliopiston Apteekki (retail distribution of the consumer service).The new consumer service includes the capability to receive orders via the Livit app, send at-home testing kits via standard mail, analyze the finger-prick blood samples at Nightingale Health’s laboratory, and deliver results via the Livit app directly to customers.

The service provides a wide variety of results unique to Nightingale Health. The results include the following metrics analyzed from a finger-prick blood sample: Healthy Years, Heart Disease Resistance, Heart Age, Diabetes Resistance, Mind Resilience, Immune Resilience, and Immune Age, as well as several Blood Test Contributors such as Cholesterol Balance, Fatty Acid Balance, Dietary Fatty Acids, Low-grade Inflammation and Metabolic Efficiency.

The Healthy Years metric is the estimated age an individual is likely to live to before getting a disease that significantly reduces the quality of life. Currently popular wellbeing wearables or existing consumer blood tests might measure heart rate, sleep, body temperature, or vitamin D levels. They might even allow the monitoring of personal progress. But they don’t provide a direct connection to an individual’s disease risks or predict future health. Healthy Years is a next-generation consumer health metric that combines two novel aspects: the scientific connection to multiple health and disease outcomes and the ability to predict future healthy years.

Nightingale Health uses real-life data to directly link the finger-prick blood sample measurement results to the risk of falling ill with the diseases that most commonly shorten active life. Nightingale Health has analyzed hundreds of thousands of blood samples from international biobanks with its unique blood testing technology. The results have been compared with the medical records of the biobank participants. These scientific data analyses have found many diseases that can be associated with Nightingale Health’s blood test results. Livit by Nightingale Health utilizes these scientific associations when computing the Healthy Years estimate for each individual.

The blood samples in the biobank studies are from up to 10 years ago. Since Nightingale Health has access to the information on what happened in those ten years to the people who gave the samples, its blood analysis could find out what common factors were present in the blood test results of the people who were still healthy but became ill during that follow-up period. By comparing the blood test results of a Livit by Nightingale Health customer to the hundreds of thousands of samples Nightingale Health has already analyzed, Nightingale Health is able to predict how long the customer is likely to live healthily.

A low number of Healthy Years means that among the hundreds of thousands of people sampled, a similar blood result profile often led to falling ill relatively early in life. Similarly, having a high number of Healthy Years means that among the people sampled, individuals with a similar profile often stayed healthy until relatively late in life. According to Nightingale Health’s data, the average female lives 78 Healthy Years and the average male 74 Healthy Years. Additionally, the data can demonstrate the connection between an individual’s lifestyle and their Healthy Years: people with the unhealthiest lifestyle can expect to have up to 20 Healthy Years fewer than average – and people with the healthiest lifestyle up to 20 Healthy Years more than average. The difference can add up to 40 Healthy Years.

“Livit by Nightingale Health starts a new era in global consumer health by combining advanced biotechnology, world-leading health data repositories and cutting-edge medical science discoveries into one solution that can be accessed from home. It’s transforming the entire industry from analyzing just the current health state to also understanding an individual’s future health. By being able to predict future health, it’s possible to take preventive actions and follow up on their impact on future health. We are truly excited to empower people with this technology and help them live healthier lives,” says Teemu Suna, CEO and Founder of Nightingale Health.

The Livit by Nightingale Health mobile app is available for download in all EU countries, Canada, Iceland, Norway, Singapore, Switzerland, the UK, and the US. The app’s freemium content can be used in all the listed countries. The paid content, which includes the at-home blood test, is currently available in Finland. Nightingale Health will announce further commercial availability of the paid version of the service later.

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Nightingale Health is The Preventive Health Company. Staying healthy is one of the top priorities in human life. Our health has a profound impact on our quality of life, and it’s also strongly connected to the lives of those close to us. Health is, eventually, about all of us – healthy citizens have the power to fuel entire societies to prosperity. Nightingale Health enables prevention by combining the power of our in-house developed, advanced blood analysis technology with unprecedented access to global health repositories and world-leading medical research. With this combination, we go beyond the traditional healthcare and wellbeing tools: We provide the scientific connection to multiple health and disease outcomes and the ability to predict future healthy years.