Finland’s Nightingale Health, innovator of an advanced blood-testing technology, today opened a private placement round of EUR 50-80M with Carnegie as its advisor to accelerate company’s mission in bringing preventative health for 8 billion. Nightingale is calling this mission a new ‘health-creation’ system as the vision behind it is to reshape the present healthcare structure that heavily revolves around sick care. With its technology, Nightingale is moving the focus towards prediction and prevention of chronic illness by democratising the benefits of scientific findings and advanced blood-testing.

As the first milestone to build a system for ‘health-creation’, the company today launched its consumer blood-testing service––My Nightingale. The new service is built on their revolutionary technology and will provide blood-based health tracking service for individuals. The goal here is to provide the best tools for preventative health to everyone.

From scientific research to people’s pockets

In the past years, Nightingale’s advanced blood test has been fuelling breakthroughs in medical science. The technology has been used to publish more than 200 peer-reviewed scientific articles in the world’s leading biomedical journals that connects the blood test to better prediction of chronic diseases and the effects of lifestyle interventions on them. With regulatory approvals in Europe for healthcare use, the company is now bringing the benefits of this advanced blood-test and scientific knowledge to individuals.

Building on this scientific knowledge, the new My Nightingale service tracks health indicators related to two major chronic illnesses –– type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular diseases –– and can estimate the diseases risk up to 10 years in advance. In addition, it also provides health indicators that are not routinely available such as insulin sensitivity, inflammation, omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. The results are closely tied to lifestyle –– diet, exercise, sleep, stress. By reflecting the effects of lifestyle changes on wellbeing, My Nightingale helps people make everyday choices towards lifelong health.

“We are giving individuals access to health information that was previously available only for scientists. That’s because our aim is to equip people with the best tools that can help them increase their health spans and live healthy lives,” said Teemu Suna, founder and Chief Executive Officer of Nightingale Health.

My Nightingale service includes the My Nightingale app, delivering blood test results and scientific health insights in an easy-to-understand format. The company’s end-to-end service can now be experienced in their home turf in Helsinki, and soon in new Nightingale Nest locations opening worldwide.

Towards rapid international growth

Launching the consumer service is the first milestone in Nightingale’s vision of building a new ‘health-creation’ system –– a novel way for people to take better care of their health. With its new service Nightingale is reaching towards international markets and rapid growth.

“Our global position in scientific validation, technology readiness, regulative approvals and product availability is extremely good and in many areas second to none. Creating biotechnology based health solutions for mass-market is one of the most challenging tasks there is, but the Nightingale Team has made it –– and now we are ready to scale out,” said Teemu Suna, founder and Chief Executive Officer of Nightingale Health.

International growth requires strong partners and globally competitive funding base. To achieve this, Nightingale’s private placement round of EUR 50-80M is now open.

“We are honoured to have strong strategic partners in Japan and the US, who are not only investors in Nightingale but also business partners who are helping us take our technology to major markets. To make this launch as big as it deserves to be, we are raising -- with the help of Carnegie -- EUR 50-80M in a new round of funding,” said Teemu Suna, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Nightingale Health.

“Launching the consumer service and starting the international roll-out of Nightingale’s technology is only the first step in our journey. In the coming years, we aim to expand rapidly and make Nightingale’s technology available all over the world, both to grow our business and help everyone live a healthier life,” said Teemu Suna, founder and Chief Executive Officer of Nightingale Health.

About Nightingale Health

Nightingale Health is a fast-growing global health tech company transforming preventive care. We envisage a world that focuses on keeping people healthy rather than just treating illnesses. With our pioneering blood-testing services, we provide deep health insights and can measure the effects of lifestyle interventions that are invisible in standard lab tests. The deep knowledge fuels scientific discoveries, industry developments, and encourages people to make positive lifestyle changes that take their health forward.
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