Press release, 26 September 2023 at 9:00 a.m. (EEST)

Nightingale Health Plc (“Nightingale Health”), pioneer in health risk detection and preventative health, has received three new patent approvals from the Finnish Patent Authority. Nightingale Health announced on 23 May 2023 that it had received six patent approvals and with these three new patents the company’s patent portfolio expands to self-collected finger-prick blood samples and more disease areas.

The first of the newly received patents was granted for the company’s proprietary technology’s ability to determine with selected biomarkers analyzed from a dry blood sample, collected from a finger prick, whether an individual has a disease or condition or is at risk of developing a disease or condition. The second patent was granted for the ability to determine whether an individual is at risk of developing an anxiety disorder. The third patent was granted for the ability to determine whether an individual is at risk of developing a connective tissue disease such as rheumatoid arthritis.

The patents further increase the value of the company’s intellectual property assets. Nightingale Health has several other patent applications pending at the Finnish Patent Authority. The company is also in the process of expanding its patents internationally.

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Teemu Suna, CEO

About Nightingale Health

Nightingale Health is The Preventative Health Company. Staying healthy is one of the top priorities in human life. Our health has a profound impact on our quality of life, and it’s also strongly connected to the lives of those close to us. Nightingale Health enables prevention by combining the power of our in-house developed, advanced blood analysis technology with unprecedented access to global health repositories and world-leading medical research. With this combination, we go beyond the traditional healthcare and wellbeing tools: We provide the scientific connection to multiple health and disease outcomes and the ability to predict future healthy years.

Nightingale Health operates globally with a parent company in Finland and seven subsidiaries in countries such as Japan, the United States, Singapore, and the United Kingdom. Nightingale Health has customers in more than 25 countries in the healthcare and medical research sectors. The company’s technology is being used in many of the world’s leading health initiatives, such as the UK Biobank, and over 450 peer-reviewed publications validate the technology. The company’s Series B shares are listed on the First North Growth Market Finland marketplace. Read more: