Nightingale’s biomarker analysis platform is routinely used in world-class epidemiological and genetic studies. There are over 250 publications that have applied our method.

Metabolic risk factors

Blood biomarker score identifies individuals at high risk for severe COVID-19 - metabolic profiling of 105,000 adults in the UK Biobank

Identification of healthy people at high risk for severe COVID-19 is a global health priority. This study investigated whether blood biomarkers measured by high-throughput metabolomics could be predictive of severe pneumonia and COVID-19 hospitalisation years after the blood sampling. Nightingale metabolomics was used to quantify a comprehensive biomarker profile in 105,146 plasma samples collected in the UK Biobank during 2007-2010 (age range 39-70).

Würtz et al. MedRxiv 2020; preprint

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